The 2016 EAA Research Symposium was organized and co-sponsored by Animal Charity Evaluators, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization working to find and promote the most effective ways to help animals, the Princeton University Center for Human Values, and the Princeton Animal Welfare Society. The event was held on November 12th and 13th, 2016 at Princeton University. Researchers, professors and graduate students across various disciplines who are conducting or planning work which has practical application to the animal advocacy movement presented on these projects, with particular emphasis on the social sciences. Presentations revealed cutting edge research as well as avenues for further research, highlighting areas of greatest research need. The event also provided an overview of Effective Altruism as it applies to animal advocacy, as well as providing information on the state of the advocacy movement.


To unite academic research with animal advocacy in an unprecedented way. Achieved in a twofold manner: (1) have academics present their own research which does/could benefit the animal advocacy movement in actionable ways, and (2) have advocates discuss research which could or should be done in order to further progress in animal advocacy.


The keynote address was given by renowned philosopher Peter Singer. Additional speakers included advocates and prominent researchers from various organizations and disciplines, addressing a wide range of topics in research and advocacy– from cognitive science to movement building. For a complete list of speakers please see the conference program.


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